Treatment of Pediatric Diaphyseal Femur Fractures


2015 Guideline Update Work Group:
David S. Jevsevar, MD, MBA, Chair, AAOS Evidence-Based Quality and Value Committee
Kevin Shea, MD, Guidelines Oversight Leader, Evidence-Based Quality and Value Committee

2015 AAOS Staff:
William Shaffer, MD, AAOS Medical Director
Deborah Cummins, PhD, Director, Department of Research and Scientific Affairs
Jayson Murray, MA, Manager, Evidence-Based Medicine Unit
Ben Brenton, MPH, Research Analyst, Evidence-Based Medicine Unit
Anne Woznica, AAOS Medical Librarian
Kaitlyn Sevarino, Evidence-Based Quality and Value (EBQV) Coordinator
Erica Linskey, Administrative Assistant, Evidence-Based Medicine Unit

2007 Guideline Work Group:
Mininder S. Kocher, MD, MPH, Chair
Ernest L. Sink, MD, Co-Chair
R. Dale Blasier, MD
Scott J. Luhmann, MD
Charles T. Mehlman, DO, MPH
David M. Scher, MD
Travis Matheney, MD
James O. Sanders, MD

2007 Guidelines Oversight Committee:
William C. Watters III, MD, Chair
Michael J. Goldberg, MD, Vice Chair

2007 AAOS Evidence Based Practice Committee:
Michael Warren Keith, MD, Chair

2007 AAOS Staff:
Robert H. Haralson III, MD, MBA,
AAOS Medical Director
Charles M. Turkelson, PhD, Director of Research and Scientific Affairs
Janet L. Wies, MPH, Manager, Clinical Practice Guidelines
Patrick Sluka, MPH, Lead Research Analyst
Rich McGowan, MLS, AAOS Medical Librarian