Implementation Resources

AAOS encourages use of our guidelines and provides resources to facilitate the implementation of guideline recommendations. To assist with this effort we offer a range of tools to help share information, including PowerPoint presentations, Care Pathways, patient handouts, clinician checklists, plain language summaries, and Impactful Statements – all of which are fully vetted by content experts. Note that these resources are available exclusively to AAOS members and your login is required to access them.

Clinician Checklists:

AAOS develops checklists in an effort to improve clinician decision-making and clinician-patient discussion. All checklists are developed via the appropriate use criteria (AUC) process using a modified Delphi method. To view the AUC process for creating checklists, please view the AUC Methodology document.

Impactful Statements:

An impactful recommendation is one that offers the potential for current evidence to change care offered to patients. This influence can be due to one or more of the following:

  1. Evidence highlighting current variations in care that were previously unsupported by evidence
  2. Current evidence supporting a significant difference or change from current clinical practice or previously held "gold standard” care

Clinical Practice Guideline Plain Language Summaries: 

Clinical Practice Guideline Slide Decks

The AAOS develops slide decks based on their CPGs to be used in grand rounds, conference, or meeting presentations. These slides are free for all to use and users can modify the presentation length by removing or combining slides in order to fit the presenter's needs.

Care Pathways

Based off a Clinical Practice Guideline's recommendations, the following care pathways are intended for use by Orthopaedic Surgeons and Physicians. Users can customize pathways based on their local resources to enable a feasible and appropriate pathway for treatment suited towards their practice setting. These pathways are not intended for use as a benefits determination document are not meant to be interpreted as such.


AAOS infographics are a one-page snapshot that allow clinicians to view evidence-based guideline recommendations on the specific condition or procedures in a manner that can be easily conveyed.

Quality Derivative Products

The following derivative products were developed based off the recommendations of a clinical practice guideline or systematic review: