Oral Treatments
Moderate evidence supports no benefit of oral treatments (diuretic, gabapentin, astaxanthin capsules, NSAIDs, or pyridoxine) compared to placebo.

Two high quality studies (Chang 1998 and Hui 2011) compare various oral regimens to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. In a prospective randomized double-blind study placebo controlled study, Chang 1993 compare various 4 week oral medication regimens (diuretic [trichlormethiazide 2mg daily] versus NSAID [tenoxicam-SR 20mg daily] versus steroid [2 weeks of prednisolone 20mg daily followed by 2 weeks of 10mg daily]) to placebo. No significant changes from baseline were noted in the placebo, diuretic, or NSAID arms. However, the steroid arm improved significantly at 4 weeks, based on GSS Questionnaire. A review of the data provided indicates that at 4 weeks, the steroid arm had statistically significant improvement over the NSAID and diuretic arms based on GSS Questionnaire. Hui 2011 failed to show any significance when comparing oral Gabapentin to placebo.