Post-Op Functional Bracing
Moderate evidence does not support the routine use of functional knee bracing after isolated ACL reconstruction, because there is no demonstrated efficacy.

Three moderate strength studies compared the use of functional bracing following ACL reconstruction to either the use of no brace or a neoprene knee sleeve. 16, 69, 94 None of the studies showed statistically significant benefit of the functional brace in any of the functional or laxity measurements, including Tegner activity scale, Lysholm score, ACL Quality of Life, IKDC score, instrumented laxity testing, and limb hop distance symmetry. These results held up for one and two years in all of the studies. Based on this moderate evidence for lack of efficacy in the use of functional knee bracing following ACL reconstruction, its routine use cannot be supported.

Potential Benefits of Implementation
The benefit of implementing this recommendation may be a decrease in the overall cost of ACL reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Potential Harms of Implementation
There are no known harms associated with implementing this recommendation.

Future Research
No future research needed.


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