Management of Surgical Site Infections

Endorsed by: POSNA, AANA, APTA, MIS, OTA
Surgical Site Infections: Management (2019) AUC


Guideline Work Group:

  • Douglas Lundy, MD, Co-Chair
  • Alexander McLaren, MD, Co-Chair 
  • Peter F. Sturm, MD
  • Sudheer Reddy, MD
  • Gregory S. Stacy, MD
  • Gwo-Chin Lee, MD 
  • Hrayr Basmajian, MD 
  • Thomas Fleeter, MD
  • Andrew Schoenfeld, MD
  • Paul Anderson, MD
  • Sandra B. Nelson, MD
  • Joseph Hsu, MD
  • Kim Chillag, MD

Oversight Chair:
Carter Cassidy, MD

AAOS Staff:

  • William O. Shaffer, MD - AAOS Medical Director
  • Deborah S. Cummins, PhD
  • Jayson N. Murray, MA - Director, Clinical Quality & Value
  • Mary DeMars - Coordinator, Clinical Quality & Value
  • Mukarram Mohiuddin, MPH - Lead Research Analyst, Clinical Quality & Value
  • Danielle Schulte, MS - Manager, Clinical Quality & Value
  • Peter Shores, MPH - Statistician, Clinical Quality & Value
  • Kaitlyn Sevarino, MBA - Senior Manager, Clinical Quality & Value

AAOS Clinical Practice Guidelines Section Leader:
Gregory Brown, MD, PhD

AAOS Committee on Evidence-Based Quality and Value Chair:
Kevin Shea, MD

AAOS Council on Research and Quality Chair:
Robert H. Quinn, MD

Additional Contributing Members:

  • Douglas Osmon, MD
  • Eric Hume, MD
  • Robert Brophy, MD