Management of Surgical Site Infections


Guideline Work Group:
Douglas Lundy, MD, Co-Chair
Alexander McLaren, MD, Co-Chair 
Peter F. Sturm, MD
Sudheer Reddy, MD
Gregory S. Stacy, MD
Gwo-Chin Lee, MD 
Hrayr Basmajian, MD 
Thomas Fleeter, MD
Paul Anderson, MD
Sandra B. Nelson, MD
Joseph Hsu, MD
Kim Chillag, MD

Oversight Chair:
Carter Cassidy, MD

AAOS Staff:
William O. Shaffer, MD
Deborah S. Cummins, PhD
Jayson N. Murray, MA
Mary DeMars
Mukarram Mohiuddin, MPH
Danielle Schulte, MS
Peter Shores, MPH
Kaitlyn Sevarino, MBA

AAOS Clinical Practice Guidelines Section Leader:
Gregory Brown, MD, PhD

AAOS Committee on Evidence-Based Quality and Value Chair:
Kevin Shea, MD

AAOS Council on Research and Quality Chair:
Robert H. Quinn, MD

Additional Contributing Members:
Douglas Osmon, MD
Eric Hume, MD
Robert Brophy, MD