Management of Osteoarthritis of the Hip

Endorsed by: POSNA, APTA, ACR, ASA
Osteoarthritis of the Hip: Management (2017) AUC


Guideline Work Group:
Greg Polkowski, MD, Co-Chair
Norman Johanson, MD, Co-Chair
Mark Barba, MD
John C. Grady-Benson, MD
Theodore Toan Le, MD

Harold Rees, MD
Ralph T. Salvagno, MD
Richard Schultz, MD
James Browne, MD
Courtland G. Lewis, MD
Albert Song, MD
Joseph A. Zeni, PT, PhD
David Podeszwa, MD
Ira Zaltz, MD

Additional Contributing Members

Atul F. Kamath, MD
Greg McComis, MD

Guidelines Oversight Chair
Robert Quinn, MD; AUC Section Leader of the AAOS Evidence-Based Quality and Value Committee

AAOS Clinical Practice Guideline Section Leader
Gregory Brown, MD, PhD

AAOS Committee on Evidence-Based Quality and Value Chair
Kevin Shea, MD

AAOS Council on Research and Quality Chair
David Jevsevar, MD, MBA

AAOS Staff:
William O. Shaffer, MD,
AAOS Medical Director
Deborah Cummins, PhD, Director of Research & Scientific Affairs
Jayson Murray, MA, Manager, Evidence-Based Medicine Unit
Nilay Patel, MA, Research Analyst
Patrick Donnelly, MA, Research Analyst
Nicole Nelson, MPH, Research Analyst
Mary DeMars, Administrative Assistant
Yasseline Martinez, Administrative Coordinator
Kaitlyn Sevarino, MBA, Evidence-Based Quality and Value Specialist
Peter Shores, MPH, Statistician
Anne Woznica, MLIS, AHIP, Medical Research Librarian

Additional Contributors:
Yupei Chen,
AAOS Research Intern