Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee (2nd edition)

Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Non-Arthroplasty Treatment (2013) AUC


Guidelines Work Group:
David Jevsevar, MD, MBA, Chair
Gregory Alexander Brown, MD, PhD, Co-Chair
Dina L. Jones, PT, PhD
Elizabeth G. Matzin, MD
Paul Manner, MD, FRCSC
Pekka Mooar, MD
John T. Schousboe, MD, PhD
Steven Stovitz, MD

AAOS Guidelines Oversight Committee:
Michael J. Goldberg, MD, Chair
James O. Sanders, MD, Vice Chair

AAOS Council on Research and Quality:
Kevin J. Bozic, MD, MBA, Chair

AAOS Staff:
William Robert Martin III, MD,
AAOS Medical Director
Deborah S. Cummins, PhD, Director of Reserach and Scientific Affairs
Patrick Donnelly, MA, Lead Research Analyst
Anne Woznica, MLS, Medical Librarian

Former AAOS Staff:
Patrick Sluka, MPH
Janet L. Wies, MPH
Kevin Boyer, MPH
Charles M. Turkelson, PhD
Sharon Song, PhD