Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures

Distal Radius Fractures: Treatment (2013) AUC


Guideline Work Group:
David M. Lichtman, MD, Chair
Randipsingh R. Bindra, MD, Vice Chair
Martin I. Boyer, MD
Matthew D. Putnam, MD
David Ring, MD, PhD
David J. Slutsky, MD
John S. Taras, MD

AAOS Guideline and Technology Oversight Committee:
William C. Watters III, MD, Chair
Michael J. Goldberg, MD, Vice Chair

AAOS Evidence Based Practice Committee:
Michael Keith, MD, Chair

AAOS Staff:

Robert H. Haralson III, MD, MBA, Medical Director
Charles M. Turkelson, PhD, Director of Research and Scientific Affairs
Janet L. Wies, MPH, Manager, Clinical Practice Guideline
Kevin M. Boyer, MPH, Reserach Analyst
Kristin Hitchcock, MSI, Medical Research Librarian
Laura Raymond, Graduate Intern